Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Appreciate.....

"Just think how happy you would be if you lost everything you have right now, and then got it back again."

Frances Rodman

This quote was on my thinkyummythoughts web site last week, and it has really hit home to me the past couple of days. 

I have a little gal I work with named Katie who I adore.  She is 7.  I am her speech therapist.  She is a wild little woman who is approximately 2 -3 years old in her language development.  She came to me because of the frustration of her original therapist.  The therapist couldn't connect with her.  With was immediate.  Love at first sight!  We play, she says "no" alot, we laugh, she teases is delightful.

Last Wednesday I learned that Katie's house burned down.  My heart broke. I know she doesn't understand what has happened.  I have learned that her behaviors are out of control and she is beside herself.  I talked to her mom and asked if I could help purchase some items for Katie. She said yes.

Soooo...yesterday I went to Walmart and browsed through the little girls department.  I started with pants.  Realized, she would probably need at least 4 or 5 pairs....oh yes and then shirts. 4 or 5.  And then a sweatshirt because it is getting cold.  Oh...she will need socks!!!!  10 pair.  Oh yes, and probably underwear, at least 7....PJs!!!!  My cart was getting fuller and fuller.... Shoes~! Darn, I didn't think to get the size of those!  ohmygosh...she needs bedding I bet!!!!  Sheets, blankets, pillows.....yup.  And toys.  

I started to envision this little girl with just the clothes on her back, staring at her house on fire.  Her world crumbling before her eyes.  And, I remembered this quote from the other day.
I reflected on the simple things in my life that I am grateful for....

my clothes
my socks
my underwear
my shoes
my hairbrush
my toothbrush
my bed
my sheets
my pillow
my blankets
a place to go to at the end of the day
my security

I appreciate these things.

And you?  What do you appreciate today....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



black eyed susans bunch by the pavement
blue blue electric blue skies
6:30 am and all the windows open 
the white kitchen curtains blow quietly to the side
cool fresh touch of autumn air
i wait for the burning sun
to spread it's light upon the mountains
savoring august
before the chill of season's change

what are you enjoying about summer?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

under my feet

certain things just make you stop and relish what is happening. here's what makes me stop and say "ahhhhhhh"

on the bottoms of my feet....

satin pillows
dew drops on fresh grass
sitting on the concrete edge of a pool and dipping my feet in the agua on a hot sunny day
flannel sheets on my bed for winter
pebbles in a creek
bubble wrap
my kitty karl's fur
thick, clean carpet
drying my feet with towels straight out of the dryer
my cold feet on my husband's warm leg ; )
thick lotion
fuzzy slippers

what makes your feet happy?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


time to listen to the songs of the earth...

the sun has gone down and i sit on my front steps...i hear...

crickets chirping on a cool august night
sudden silence
water refreshing the earth as sprinklers come on (lovin' that mist ; )
hushed is quiet
slight breeze rocking the branches of our tall pine trees
soft muted train whistles echo from the other side of town
bell chimes from the university bell tower, it is 9:45 
darkness starts to quiet the neighborhood
kittie karl meows, looking for me
karl sits on my lap...his purring is soft and soothing
car lights catch us as it rounds the corner
summer night i don't want to end...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

count your many blessings, name them one by one...

Blessings.  To some it is all about fortune, being lucky, grabbing pie in the sky.
To about learning from the pebble in the shoe of life.
I have said at certain times in my life that I am
grateful for the trials I have endured.  
They have turned into blessings.
I know how good a good day is, because I have had days that were bad.  
Good days are blessings.
I am blessed with quiet, because I have had noise.
Quiet is a blessing.
I am filled with joy when my shoulders don't hurt, and feel it a blessing.
Not having pain sometimes is a blessing.
School was hard, but now I make better money.
School is a blessing.
Bearing and raising children was hard.
My children are blessings.

Adam fell that man might be.  That was hard.
Man is that he might have joy. That is a blessing.

Have you had trials that have turned into blessings? Tell me about it! ; )

Thursday, August 14, 2008

there is a secret to happiness

it's a secret.   here are the clues...

I am ____________________  ______

colorful fall leaves
the first clean snow
fresh, cool summer mornings
my eyes
my tastebuds
my legs and arms
 you being you
 a soft bed and warm covers
sweetness on my tongue
my children
my parents
my brothers and sisters
my friends
the hand of God in my life
being employed
my warm home
being helped
my husband who hugs me and holds my hand and loves me
sweet scents
family get togethers
my grandson
so  very much more.......

So...what are you ______________   ______?
(Figured it out yet?  ; )

8-27-08......the secret is "I am grateful for..........."  ; )


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

happy summery flavoriness

mmmmmm.......some foods just make me love life.

jamba juice 'orange apeel' (extra large... ; )
juicy ripe pears
honeydew melon with fresh lime
perfectly ripe nectarines
romaine lettuce with dried cranberries, walnuts , cucumbers and balsamic vinegar
steamy baked potatoes, butter, light sour cream
steamed snap green beans, butter, S&P (not overcooked...)
tomatoes from the vine
lemonade with raspberries 
firm, juicy green and purple grapes
cucumber slices with greek cucumber dressing
peachy lemonade slushes

tell me what makes you love life! mmmmmmmmmmm  ; )

Sunday, August 10, 2008

1st yummymemory

First yummymemory....

i am in a stroller going down a hill on a concrete sidewalk. 
 I see pink cherry blossoms sprayed against a robin egg blue sky. 
many cherry trees line the street. the lawns are limey green. 
 i then see that we approach a man who is on a red ladder up against one of the trees.  He is up in the blossoms with a small saw. 
he wears dark jeans that are turned up at the cuffs and a blue shirt.
 we stop and I look up. 
the sun is in my eyes and the blossoms glitter shades of pinkness in the sunlight.  
i turn to look at who is pushing me. 
 i look beyond the chrome sides of the stroller and the blue webbed material. 
i lift my chubby hand up and see my light blue wool sleeve.  
the sun is in my eyes and i get a glimpse of my grandpa wood.  
he has white hair, a broad grin, and looks at me with a laugh.  
i feel safe and loved, and feel love for my grandpa.  
we turn and go up the hill as i look at the spray of pinkness against clouds, blue and brightness.

what is your first yummymemory?  i'd like to know!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

joyous olfactoriness

lovin' the scent of...

fresh lemonade
ripe nectarines
cinnamon apple pie out of the oven
my grandson's hair
my bath and body works peach or orange/mango body wash
clean laundry fresh and warm out of the dryer
a peeled orange
the warm damp winds of a high mountain thunderstorm
sweet peas
mowed grass
sprinkler mists on a hot August day
my neighbors bar-b-que 

what do you love the scent of?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

it makes me happy...

pink~pink grapefruit

colors make me happy.

what colors make you happy?